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Modifications Attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado

Need to Make Modifications After Your Divorce?

Talk to A Child Support Modification Attorney in Fort Collins, Larimer, and Weld, CO

Your life can change completely after you divorce your spouse. Divorce cases can take a long time to resolve, and sometimes the decisions made during the negotiations aren't workable after the separation is finalized. If circumstances change after your divorce, the terms of your child support or custody agreement might need to change, too.
Get Help to Change an Agreement

Turn to Pascoe Law LLC for assistance with a child custody modification or child support modification in Fort Collins, Larimer, and Weld, CO. Attorney RD Pascoe can also help you modify a spousal maintenance agreement. Make an appointment with him today.

Find out If Your Life Changes Qualify for A Modification

How do you know if your situation qualifies for a modification? Speak with attorney RD Pascoe today. You could be eligible for a child custody modification if:

  • Your child is in physical or emotional danger

  • You or your spouse are moving out of the state

  • Your former spouse's income has increased

  • Your income has been reduced

These situations are also grounds for a child support modification or a spousal maintenance modification. Reach out to Pascoe Law in Fort Collins, Larimer, and Weld, CO today to learn more.