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While working through your divorce, you keep your child's best interests front of mind. Be sure to work with a qualified child custody attorney in Fort Collins, Larimer, and Weld, Colorado. Pascoe Law LLC understands how difficult it can be for parents and children during a separation. Attorney RD Pascoe will work closely with you and your spouse to draft a fair child custody agreement.

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Protect Your Parental Rights

What Does a Child Custody Agreement Include?

A child custody agreement, or parenting plan, will include the following stipulations:

  • Parenting time-parenting time is also known as parent's visitation rights. This specifies the amount of time that a parent is legally allowed to visit with the child away from the other parent. This time can be divided equally, or one parent may have primary custody.

  • Parental responsibilities-each parent will have parental responsibilities as defined in their child custody agreement. This will determine which parent has sole custody or how the joint custody agreement will work.

This agreement is determined by a variety of factors, such as the health of the child or parent, and the parents' financial situations. Meet with attorney RD Pascoe in Fort Collins, Larameer, and Weld, CO today to learn more about the terms of a child custody agreement.