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Child Support & Mediation Attorney in Fort Collins, Colorado

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Hire a Child Support Attorney in Fort Collins, Larimer, and Weld, CO

Pascoe Law LLC assists with divorce mediation in Fort Collins, Larimer, and Weld, CO. A qualified child support & mediation attorney can help you and your spouse reach an agreement that works for everyone-without setting foot in the courtroom. Attorney RD Pascoe can also refer you to the Office of Dispute Resolution if you need further assistance.

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What Are the Benefits of Working with A Child Support or Mediation Attorney?

Going through a divorce is always stressful. Pascoe Law will do everything possible to make it as easy for you as possible. Here are some good reasons to consider divorce mediation in Fort Collins, Larameer, and Weld, Colorado:

  • You can save thousands on court fees-a traditional courtroom divorce is expensive. You can save money on legal fees when you opt for divorce mediation.

  • You can resolve any conflicts amicably-you'll work out your conflicts in a respectful, peaceful manner with the help of a neutral mediation attorney.

  • You won't have to spend weeks or months in a courtroom-no one wants to spend all of their time in and out of court. Attorney RD Pascoe will work hard to resolve your dispute efficiently.

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